About Mallory Martin Walden

The Mallory, Martin, Walden Mission Statement

The mission of the Mallory, Martin Walden Family Reunion is to promote the goals of our family members, to stay in touch and mentor our younger generation while build an alliance between the old and young.

Our vision is to stand Tall. We chose this because of several reasons. Number one, we believe that we are more than conquerors with Christ. We are Victors! Therefore we want to have vision to show us as winners and to be victorious in our family structure…

We want to lead by example while encouraging our youth through teaching manners, morals, respect and love in accordance with this verse from Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the way lhe should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Family Purpose:

  1. To believe in God
  2. To Enforce Character traits that help develop our children
  3. To have passion for our family members
  4. To enforce our beliefs within reason
  5. To promote integrity
  6. To hold family values
  7. To pass down family history
  8. To set standards that makes the family proud
  9. To promote Education
  10. Always Love one another

Family By-Laws

  • Officers and Responsibilities
  • Decisions as to where family reunion is to be held bi-annually
  • Always have church at the Family Reunion
  • Family Objectives
  • Create family Crest and Quilt
  • Develop Family Scholarships
  • Always Acknowledge Family Achievers

Awanda Gaines
MMW Family Reunion, President


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